Vagibond Inc

Vagibond Inc

Vagibond Inc was founded in 1887 by the Mulligan Brothers to shill their famous Mulligan's Stew under the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

Today, Vagibond has grown to become the premier enterprise provider of services and experiences for hobos all over the world and has a stable portfolio of premium hobo-related brands. We provide synergystic end-to-end market experiences for hobos, vagrants, transients, vagabonds, tramps, squatters, drifters, derelicts, hermits, loiterers and bums.

Here are a list of premium brands in the Vagibond Network:

For Profit

  • AirBM
    Poop in privacy with a luxury toilet near you. Download our app to start downing your load.
  • Bindle
    Where hobos find their soulmate.
  • Comeo
    Where celebrities pay regular people to leave video messages for them.
  • Dumpster Dash
    Our army of dumpster diver drivers bring you fresh bags of trash on demand, directly to your doorstep. You'll never need to shower again. Our trash bags are delivered fresher and faster than competitors like Trashbyn.
  • Gutter
    Gutter is THE way for hobos to communicate with the world around you. Blast out short-form guttoral grunts and let the people walking by know exactly what you think of them.
  • Handy Jobs
    Do you need a handy hobo to do an oddjob for you? Whether it's holding a parking space, egging a car, getting you a senior discount, distracting a security guard, or even walking around your property grabbing loose butts from the floor, we're here to give you the best handy and fulfill your needs.
  • HitchRoom
    Throw your bedroll on the floor of a stranger's home for free. Our growing community of hitch-room hosts will treat you like you are family. And they are an abusive step-father.
  • HOL
    Hobos Online or (HOL as the kids call it) is the premier dialup internet portal for hobos, connecting payphones to the World Wide Dark Web. Install our CD, connect your modem to a payphone, put, and start downloading 256-bit gifs slowly, one line at a time.
    "Every family has a story. Come and discover yours, together." Find hot family photos in old archives. Learn how your brother's DNA compare to yours with our analytical taste tests. See which of your cousin's is your genetically-proven best match.
  • Jail Baste
    In cooperation with the Roy, New Mexico penitentiary and other incarceration partners, and serving couples struggling with infertility, we turn our felons into fathers, one smuggled turkey baster at a time.
  • OnlyStrands
    We partner with OnlyFans models to collect and dropship loose barbershop floor hair to their subscribers. The non-profit division also makes the hair into fur coats for heroic Russian soldiers fighting the Ukrainian aggressor.
  • PedrosFile
    Your local community board for everything from van rentals, candy shop reviews, and recreational parks.
  • Pawper
    Rent out your pets to strangers, by the hour, no questions asked.
  • Ruff Translations
    Trained professional pet translators will come to your event and translate on behalf of any canines in attendance. We also have options for 1:1 negotiation settings.
  • Shilling
    Invest in the only true future of cryptocurrency, NFT's and MLM's. Accepted by hobos everywhere and coupled to the exact value of hobo nickles for maximum stability.
  • Vagibond (app)
    For hobos, by hobos. Find the best locations to hitchhike, squat and unwind your bindle, as rated by your peers. Vagibond is the flagship and crown jewel in the Vagibond network.*

    *NOTE: Not to be confused with VAGIBOND Feminine Chastity Sealant Glues.

  • Vagibond Eats
    Find the great, local trashbin cuisine on street corners near you.


  • Minor Miners
    We teach disadvantaged youth valuable life skills by having them mine minerals and cryptocurrency on your property.
  • Second Chances
    A non-profit with a mission to give felons a new lease on life, in your parking lot. You provide the amenities. We provide the home-arrest RV. The justice system provides the talent to run errands (including parking cars, babysitting for guests, late-night pharmacy pickups, security entrance checks, and more)
  • Sister Grace's Oasis
    Vagibond is a proud sponsor of Sister Grace's Race to Really Erase Racism. Every year we sponsor Sister Grace's Oasis and raise funds for the biggest bigot spigot hydration stations at the Raleigh Relay Rally. Sister Grace runs relay races to really erase racists by having them race other races.
  • Take-a-Wish Foundation
    We take dying kids biggest wishes, and auction them off to wealthy plutocrats.
  • Thots and Prayers
    After our food for barter program, Food for Thots, was discontinued due to political pressure from our competitors, we dedicated our army of street workers towards our new mission: Our new 501(c)3 organizes hospice visits, by strippers dressed like nuns, to facilitate private 1:1 bedside prayer sessions and provide patients with much-needed spiritual release in their final moments.
  • Totter Tatts
    A sister division of Minor Miners. We teach disadvantaged youth valuable life skills by having them learn how to give tattoos to volunteers.

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